Welcome to First Person Advertising

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

That quote is attributed to John Wanamaker – an early 20th century businessman and considered by many to be the father of modern advertising.

While the quote is whimsical and will elicit nods of agreement from many business people, it represents a sad state of the advertising industry when more people agree than disagree. If you agree with this quote, you are doing something wrong.

At First Person Advertising, our goal is for each one of our clients to agree with this quote:

“All the money I spend on advertising is generates a significant return on investment, and we have the leads to prove it.”

First Person Advertising is a RESULTS based advertising consulting business. We offer our clients the following:

  • DEVELOP a deep understanding of the things that make your business special, and make customers choose you over your competitors.
  • MANAGE your advertising and marketing on a day to day basis. Our customers don’t have to think about their marketing or advertising because they know we are doing that for them.
  • ANALYZE marketing results on a weekly and monthly basis to make sure the plan is producing a strong ROI and course corrections can be made if necessary.